Review: Shovel Ready (A Spademan Novel)

20685483Author: Adam Sternbergh
Pages: 272
Published: October 2014 by Broadway Books
Genre: Dystopian, Mystery Thriller, Adult, Noir
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”I just tell them I work on missing persons. Don’t tell them how the persons end up missing.”

Content Warning: Mentions of past rape. This is also not young adult.

Dark, gritty, different.

Spademan is a garbageman-turned-hitman in a New York that’s fallen apart. Most people live in a “bed” where they are tapped into a virtual reality, Spademan slips into their homes and slits their throats while they’re out. Only when his next target is a young eighteen-year-old girl, the daughter of the corrupt evangelist running the city, something stops him short. And this is not a love story in case that’s where you thought this was going.

Underrated, I highly recommend people try this. The prose is engaging, it’s a fairly quick read, and never boring. The many twists come about with perfect timing, most of the time in disturbing realization. This isn’t like any other kind of technology-gone-wrong-end-of-America-as-it’s-known type of book.

5 Star5 Ships- Favourites


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